Hello everyone, welcome to GameScape!

This is our place to discuss and do all things GameScape! If you haven't already, go ahead and register with the website! I also want to welcome the DarkRP server that Unvanta and Crow run! As the weeks progress, more and more updates will occur to the website such as design and colors and formatting. Our donation page is still under the works but should be working soon! For our vote page, that is also under the works and I will be getting on top of that for the Minecraft servers. Other than the simple introduction as many of you are already within our Discord group, I have some news to put on here for reference pertaining to the Minecraft servers.

Factions is whitelisted until July 27th for preparation and reset for 1.13.
Kingdoms is also whitelisted until further notice for setup.

Hardcore is available along with all the Private Servers. If you are interested in a private server with your friends. Let me know! Private Servers hosted by me are free for all GameScape members. Stuff that will be saved on the factions server will include your donation rank if it applies. There will be a new rank-up ladder, and many other things redesigned. Envoy will be a lot better. Mob Arena will also be setup on Factions with custom maps. The Factions plugin will also get replaced by a more legacy one that has lots of favorites and features that make the experience better than the main one.

Finishing up, on home page which is also the front page of the site, is where other updates will be placed by Moderators, and Administrators of the GameScape community. Events will also be here so keep tabs and check back often! The best way to be up to date on everything is to join our Discord! The link can be found here on the Home page!

Thanks for being awesome GameScape!

The GameScape Team