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GameScape Website Rulesv1.7
These are the rules that are very important to follow.

Welcome to the GameScape website! This website is used to read our server rules, post forums, and have a wonderful time in our website and our spectacular servers! We are presenting rules to maintain a healthy, friendly website. The following list is the list of rules that you must follow when accessing this website:
  1. Be friendly and polite to all.
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not use any type of item that can potentially harm our network.
  4. Do not advertise.
  5. Do not create alt accounts (accounts that are made by the same person).
  6. Report any bugs, issues, or users to the website staff members.
  7. Do not say any inappropriate language, especially racial and sexual words, phrases, or sentences.
  8. Your post will get permanently removed if it is irrelevant to the topic of a forum.
  9. Any names that are inappropriate will be replaced with a different name.
  10. Posting in not-permitted nodes, categories, or forums can result in harsh punishments given by the staff members.
  11. Staff members who acquire the title(s), "DarkRP Staff Manager," "DarkRP Co-Owner," "DarkRP Head Admin," "DarkRP Administrator," and "MC Supervisor" are not actual staff members of our website. However, they have certain permissions to supervise specific server forums. They are considered staff members if they are listed as a "Moderator," "Administrator," and/or "Staff member."
  12. When banned from our servers or the website, you are not permitted to enter our servers and this website until the ban has been lifted.
  13. Please read the Terms and Rules and our Privacy Policy.
  14. Enjoy the website and our servers!
That is the up-to-date list of the website rules that you must follow in order to avoid a punishment. If you failed to follow one of these rules more than once, you will receive a warning by a staff member of the website. Punishments can lead to permanent bans or even your account being permanently removed. This is the list, in order, of the punishments that can lead to a permanent ban:

Punishments for Breaking Rules
GameScape website staff members have the permission to warn, ban, or even remove your account for not following our website rules and/or our Terms of Service. These punishments may be changed in any way by a very high-ranking website staff member.
  1. Verbal warning.
  2. First Warning (can last for up to three months).
  3. Second warning (can last for up to six months).
  4. Short-term ban (can last for several weeks).
  5. Long-term ban (can last for several months).
  6. Permanent ban from GameScape servers (account may also be removed).
  7. Account removal (if the same person enters the website with a different account).
That is the up-to-date list of all the punishments. Please follow the website and server rules of GameScape. Thank you for reading these rules. Have fun in our GameScape servers, game on!
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