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You may contract the dark disease by using an Altar of Darkness or by drinking the blood of a vampire. There's a chance you may contract the disease while fighting a vampire. You can check if you have the disease by using the "/v show" command, but you will notice it ingame by taking sometime half of a heart damage during the transformation.
Note: You do not lose your infection when you log off or because of a restart, once you are infected, the only way to remove the infection is by touching an Altar of Light.
Once you have the disease, you must wait 1 hour (3 minecraft days) before you will become a full-vampire. You can speed-up this process by blood trading: First a human will drink blood from you, and afterwards you have to drink much blood of the infected.

The Altar of Darkness

The Altar of Darkness is a very secure method to becoming a Vampire. The percentage of infection is 100%.

You can build an Altar of Darkness by placing the following materials around a gold block.

Note: Right clicking the gold block will show which blocks are missing from the Altar of Darkness.
  • 30 Obsidian
  • 5 Web
  • 5 Dead Bush (Go to a desert. Find a dead bush. Hit it with your fist.)
  • 2 Diamond Block

To use the Altar of Darkness, you need the following items: 1 Mushroom Soup, 10 Bone, 10 Sulphur, 10 Redstone.

Drinking Blood from a Vampire

A vampire can offer you blood with /v offer (playername) (amount).

Vampire Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Immune to fall damage.
  • Immune from drowning.
  • Hostile mobs won't attack without being provoked.
  • Passive Jump Boost II (2.5 block jump height)
  • Can activate Bloodlust to Move 2x faster, jump 6x higher (6.5 blocks).
  • Gain health at expense of hunger
  • Kill and drink blood instead of eating food (cake is still possible)
  • Wooden tools, fences and fence gates, and holy water have a very large damage multiplier against vampires.
  • Burn in the sun

The Sun

The equation for irradiation is:

X% = sun * terrain * armor - 20(base)
RADIATIONEFFECTS20%Nausea30%Nausea, Weakness50%Nausea, Weakness, Slow80%Nausea, Weakness, Slow, Blindness90%Nausea, Weakness, Slow, Blindness, Burn

Bloodlust is a vampires main advantage. It works by using /v b. Once you activate Bloodlust, you can sprint with double speed, jump 6 times higher, and close combat damage is increased by 20%. While using Bloodlust your blood (hunger) level decreases faster so you can only use it for a small period of time before your blood level gets too low and you can no longer use it.

Vampire Diet

(Still Being Configured)

How to get rid of Vampirism

You have been infected with vampirism, but you don't wish to become a vampire? Are you currently a vampire and wish to return to your human state? If so, take a look at the following options:

Altar of Light

The Altar of Light is the only way to cure yourself from being a full-vampire. It also can cure the dark disease.
Similar to the Alter of Darkness, an Altar of Light is made by placing the following materials around a lapis lazuli block.

Note: Right clicking the lapis lazuli block will show which blocks are missing from the Altar of Light.
  • 30 Glowstone
  • 5 Red Tulip
  • 5 Yellow Dandelion
  • 2 Diamond Block

To use the Altar of Light, you need the following items: 1 Water Bucket, 1 Diamond, 20 Sugar, 20 Wheat.

Holy Water

Holy water can be used for both curing your disease and for fighting vampires.

Holy water is a splash-potion, which you can throw at yourself to cure yourself of the disease, or throw it at other vampires to damage them. The required ingredients are: 1 Water Bottle and 1 Lapis Lazuli Dye. Hold the water bottle and right-click an Altar of Light to create the splash potion. The potion will be placed into your inventory as “Sparkling Potion”.

Note: Holy water cannot be brewed by vampires.
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