The Server Reestablishment

The GameScape DarkRP Server Reestablishment
You must be eagerly waiting for our server to, once again, reopen.

We're assuming you are expecting something from us; well now you finally are!
The GameScape DarkRP server, the mysterious lonely server that has been shut down for months, will be reestablished very soon. As far as I heard from my fellow administrators, we will begin setting up the servers and connecting to another contemporary control panel. I have not been given an exact date of the server making a reappearance, but I will attempt to approximate this at the bottom of the Server Reestablishment Status. Below is a list consisting of items required to approve the server for the public:

Server Reestablishment Status

Forums - Operational
Servers - Operational
Installed Addons and Mounts - Not Operational
Administrative Configurations
- Operational
Job, Entity, and Vehicle Scripts - Not Operational
Other Crucial Scripts - Not Operational

Decorations or Other Unimporatant Items - Not Operational

Estimated Opening For Users - Now

I would like to congratulate unvanta and Chasew for reopening the server once again; it's truly a blessing to see the GameScape servers back online once again.
I also would like to thank our GameScape Team for their dedication despite all the troubling events that have occured during this gloomy time. Thank you all so much for your support!