The Server Reestablishment

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The GameScape DarkRP Server Reestablishment
You must be eagerly waiting for our server to, once again, reopen.

We're assuming you are expecting something from us; well now you finally are!
The GameScape DarkRP server, the mysterious lonely server that has been shut down for months, will be reestablished very soon. As far as I heard from my fellow administrators, we will begin setting up the servers and connecting to another contemporary control panel. I have not been given an exact date of the server making a reappearance, but I will attempt to approximate this at the bottom of the Server Reestablishment Status. Below is a list consisting of items required to approve the server for the public:

Server Reestablishment Status

Forums - Operational
Servers - Not Operational
Installed Addons and Mounts - Not Operational
Administrative Configurations
- Operational
Job, Entity, and Vehicle Scripts - Maybe Operational
Other Crucial Scripts - Not Operational

Decorations or Other Unimporatant Items - Maybe Operational

Estimated Opening For Administrators - December 2020
Estimated Opening For Public - January 2021

Please note that all of these statuses are estimated.

With the lethal COVID-19 pandemic, we must always accept and obey the "stay-at-home" orders regardless of our situation. Many people are currently in critical condition and you can make a difference. The pandemic may affect the way we do things at GameScape. If you have any questions regarding the reestablishment or our duties during the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact me or any other administrators. Stay safe!


It's been more than two months since I posted this thread and the servers are still inactive, therefore I'm just going to estimate that the server activation sequence will take a very long time.