Some Things That Could Be Awesome For The Server!


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So Far Ive Been Thinking Of Things That Could Add More Fun And Quality To The Server And Heres What I Found:
New Printers: Steam Workshop :: Simple Upgradeable Money Printer
The Printers Now Are A Bit Bad, They Easily Get Over Heated And Are Frustrating. This Printer Is Upgradable X6 and is more nice.
Slot Machine: Steam Workshop :: DarkRP Slot machine
The Slot Machine Could Be Used To Add Fun Things To Do And Test Luck.
A Health And Armor NPC: Steam Workshop :: Health and Armor NPC[DarkRP]
This NPC Is Easy To Spawn From What Ive Seen And Can Give You armor for a expensive price as well as health when you lose some And The more Health You Lose The More You Have To Spend.

I Think The Dog Job Was a good job its really nothing complex but i remembered people would always be That.
The Job Listing Could Use A Nice Remodel As There Are The Old Classic Model. Also Custom Jobs For Donors Could Make Donating More Worth it as there is Not That Many Jobs. For Example, They Would Choose The Player model, Name, and Weaponry For That Job (nothing That breaks The rules or messes with the server). A Great Thing To Add To The Server Would Be A Perma Weapons, Like Regular Guns, Vapes, Or Knives That You Can Spend A Lot of In Game Money To get.

Thats All I Could Think Of I Hope Something gets Added as we could use more things!


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Love the suggestions! I'm testing them and if they are functional, they will be added.

Update: Unfortunately, the addons you provided were not functional. Thank you for your suggestions!

- GameScape DarkRP Owner