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3. Arch Dornan said he would let that slide




Long Answers:
Answer these questions with a minimum of three sentences per question (maximum is six).

Why should we trust you?
I haven't taken any VACations on my account for the about 4 years of being on steam. And I can help deal with some issues like help someone feel better if they've had a bad day or if someone has had something stolen etc.

What can the players and staff benefit from you?
I can back up other staff members if their having problems with a player. Players benefit because I'm like a support beam and can help with issues between players or help them through a tough time

What is metagaming; Why is metagaming not tolerated?
using out of game sources to get an advantage. Using metagaming can provide players with an unfair advantage and could cause exploit abuse and others to not be able to do anything like say someones robbing the bank in gmod and someone found a way into the bank and out so they have a way in and out before the other players were able to even get into the bank and they know because of some website providing that exploit information they get all the money while everyone else has to wait till the exploiter leaves

How would you handle NLR for a first time offender on our server?
bring the offender to a roof or someplace secluded and tell them that that isn't ok and put them in like a little jail cell somewhere for about 3 min. if they knew about it and intentionally did it then I would tell them to stop or I will have to "jail" you for 10-15 min.

Short Answers:

Answer these questions true or false, yes or no, or with a short statement of your own. These answers should not be more than one sentence.

RDA should be treated similar to RDM.
no, I think it should be similar punishment but a little less severe like say, for example, RMDing is a ban then RDA should be a kick

The mayor can initiate a lockdown at any time for no reason.
no, I think the mayor should have a reason like no admins are online and won't be for another like 20 min. and there's a mass RDM/RDAer around the streets then the mayor should execute order 66... cough cough I mean lockdown

Do you have a microphone?
Yes but I prefer using chat if possible
Gut feelings over logic?
Depends really if I'm not sure at all like someone accused someone else of stealing a printer and they both have the same printer and I don't have a way to check who is whos id choose my gut saying that ex. person 1 is lying and wants a 2nd printer

What is the cooldown time for a Terrorist Attack?
40 min.

If there is no Mayor, can a police officer arrest a person who has a legal weapon in their inventory (not equipped)?

You discover a higher ranking staff member raiding while invisible/godded. You then...
Option 1.) Confront the staff member.
Option 2.) Report the staff member.
Option 3.) Call staff member to an admin sit and punish them accordingly.
option 1. if they don't comply then I choose option 2
A player lies to you while in an admin sit. You deal with this by...
Option 1.) Disregard the lie and let it go.
Option 2.) Jail the player based on the number of lies they told.
Option 3.) Slay the person for lying in an admin sit.
option 2. I mean option 1 is irresponsible and option 3 is too rash

Final Questions and Review:
Answer these questions with only one sentence.

Do you have any current staff members or admin to represent you? If yes, list them.
uhm I suppose this means like people who I've talked to; Arch Dornan and Crow

Have you had any prior experience as an admin on a Garry's Mod server? If yes explain, and list the server(s) along with 2 steam users who can verify.
Never have been admin before besides my own group but nothing happens there and this could be some valuable experience for me

Do you have any friends that have or had played on this server? If yes, list them.
Not that I know of I don't think anyone has

Any additional information we should know about you?
I can't always be on the servers monitoring because of school and family things but on normal days I am available (note these are all P.M MST unless I said otherwise): Sunday 12 to 7/8 Monday & Wednesday 6-8/9 Tuesday & Thursday 4/5 to 7/8 Friday: (not available most days) 2:45 to 5 Saturday: 6 to 12 A.M


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Arch Dornan has already approved the application, so you are already Admin.