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Listed on the Server:
  • Do not use hacked clients, bots, or AFK fishing/mining/etc machines.
  • Do not exploit glitches/bugs; report them to staff immediately.
  • Do not use X-ray of any kind
  • Do not advertise other servers.
  • Do not threaten to DDOS players or the server.
  • Do not make real life threats.
  • Do not evade punishments. (ban, mute, jail)
  • Do not spam or flood the chat.
  • Do not use excessive caps.
  • Do not impersonate Staff or other players.
  • Be respectful
List of things you can get muted after 1 warning:
  • Caps
  • Spam (commands, messages, mail, shout, broadcasts, chat, etc)
  • Racist language or homophobic language that is hurtful to others. Slurs included!
  • Empty stupid threats (PMC reviewer, etc)
Zero Tolerance list:
  • Macros/bots/etc
  • Xray/tracers/cavefinders/etc
  • Aimbot/forcefield/etc
  • Flying/water walking/sprint enhancer/etc
  • Duping/exploits/etc
  • Advertising other servers/websites
  • IRL threats
  • Griefing of server land, Aka Safezone / Warzone / Spawn / Warps. (Armor Stands)
  • Disrespecting staff.
Banned after repeated at least once
  • Annoyance to the Server (ban evasion)
  • Keep breaking mute/jail/tempban offensive rules.
  • Griefing of server land, Aka Safezone / Warzone / Spawn / Warps. (Armor Stands)
  • Use of alternate accounts to gain bonus or to spam the server or incline the player count or other reasons.
  • Bullying of players and their views/identification/status.
  • Disrespecting staff.
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