New Server Early Access War Event.

War Server Early Access Now Open From 6pm to 11pm Seattle time!

Addon Collection to subscribe to:
Steam Workshop :: GS War-RP

How to Connect:
1. Subscribe to our collection listed above, then restart gmod.
2. Once on the main menu, open your consol and paste/type this in:
connect; password GSNEA152
3. Press Enter to join!

Alternetivly you may search for the server in the DarkRP multiplayer server list. The Server name is: GS | WAR
The map can be searched as: GM_UBaseV4


Player who join are still subject to follow a small set of rules, such as:
No Same Team PVP.
and Admin discretion.


Subscribe to our collection:
Steam Workshop :: GS War-RP

If you have purchased Half Life 2 Episode 2 (HL2E2) on steam, We recommend you download it and Mount it to your Gmod. This will be helpful for most Gmod Servers and our server’s map. Not mounting HL2E2 will not make our server unplayable. However without it mounted, there will be small errors around the map. These Errors are not important and very minor. They will not take away from the gameplay in ANY way. If you have HL2E2, here are instructions on how to mount it to your game!

How to Mount HL2E2:

1. Open Gmod to the main menu.
2. Click the “Controller” Icon in the bottom right corner of the main menu screen.
3. Scroll until you find HL2E2, and ensure it is checked.
4. Restart Gmod and join the server!


1. In the Steam Library, right click on the game you want to mount (In this case hl2 ep2)
2. Click on properties then go to the beta tab
3. Then on the DROP DOWN MENU choose the steam pipe beta
4. Launch that game so the files can covert to steam pipe
5. Once the game has started, exit it and launch gmod (BE SAFE! Play some of the game before you exit!)
6. Click on the gmod "game mounting tab" (The controller button bottom right) and tick the hl2 epi2 option then try out a map with those materials and models. (If you have subscribed to the collection already, feel free to run the GM-UBaseV4 map in single player)

Hope to see you all there!
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