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Attention to all Gs Network gmod/DarkRP players and staff.

Due to changes in server management, hosting, and recent problems with security, the DarkRP server will be shutting down effective January 25th until further notice.

We will be revisiting the server from another platform in which the IP will change. The server will remain roughly the same with minor changes. All staff with hold their positions and when the server resumes it will continues on as normal.

Because of this I ask that you have pacience with us and our transfer to help make this as smooth as possible. Higher ranking staff will be notified when the new server is operational and will be asked along with a select few, to join and test out all the servers components before it is released to the public. This in part; may take some time.

Once the server is finally completed another post will replace this one containing a welcome message and the new IP.

Thank you for your pacience. The server is schedule to be up and running back to normal and open to the public no later than March 20th 2019. Continue to the bottom for things that will affect players returning to the server. Thanks again for your pacience and dedication to our servers and network.


Changes that will affect returning players/staff:
Money will reset.
Custom Names will reset.
Presets with tools and settings will reset.
Some jobs will be added and removed.
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