IMPORTANT! Global Gmod Staff Update!!!


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Attention to all gmod staff.

Crow may have mentioned to you about staff testing for promotions. If he hasn't, a further thread will be updated with more elaboration, however i will mention that staff will now be required to fill out an application for promition after the rank admin. These applications can be denied until sufficient time, or service is met.

In addition to staff testing, to make it easier for a more powerful and convincing application, Each admin should (and are required) to keep what we will call "Bullets" of their work and progress. Staff should keep to their duties and achievments of each day or when something happens, write it down or keep notes of what they did. As an example of a bullet list to put on your staff application are as follows:
  • Have a total of 15 hours currently on the server, and 5 hours in current rank
  • Banned <name here> for mass RDM and RDA
  • Assisted co-owner with implimenting and writing code for new addons listed here:
    • m9k weapons
  • Hired <staffmamber> and trained them sufficiently
  • Managed and responded to multiple staff application
These bullets will make for a stronger application when applying for the next rank. The more bullets proving your aid to the server and effectvness int he community will be looked at. Keeping up with the forums, discord channel, being active with the community in these as well, along with presence on the gmod server is looked at. The application itself with have questions and dates/times to put in your current length period in your current class.

This system is to ensure that staff are prepared, and trained properly before assuming a new role. It should be noted that an increase in rank means more tasks ontop of everything you are expected of. Time on server for higher ranks is required.

I will post a thread later in staff applications for what a promotional bullet list should look like. Please note that bullets should be able to be cross references either with logs or another admin! Any false bullets will result in a denial, or demotion, as lying is not tolerated! :)

This is all for current updates. Stay classy.