How to Install Forge and Join!


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If you install forge, you can still use Vanilla minecraft to play on other servers, and select your forge to play on this server freely!
However, you MUST install these specific forge versions in order for everything to be compatable, both with client and server!

Before you start:
Click the link below to go to a Google drive page to download all the files needed to accomplish these steps, simply, and easily!
Link to download:
When it is downloaded, extract/unzip the file so it can be easily accessed.

Step 1 - Install Minecraft Forge:
To install forge, please download the files from the link provided, leading to a google drive. Alternatively, You can search for the correct forge version by clicking HERE. The forge version you will need is:
1.12.2 -

Assuming all files from drive are downloaded, Ensure minecraft is closed completely, and open the forge installer. Make sure it says install cleint. The directory to install should already have located your .minecraft folder by default. Click OK, and it will install!

Once forge has sucessfully installed it's libraries, open minecraft, click the green arrow next to the Launch/Play button. Once the arrow opens a menu, select:

Once you click it, the menu will desapear and it will say Play: 1.12.2-forge1.12.2-
Once you see that, click play. Once minecraft has loaded up and forge is installed, you will be on the main menu. If it is installed correctly it shoud say 3 or 4 mods installed in the bottom left corner.

Click quit and close out of minecraft.

Step 2:
Once forge has finished open your .minecraft directory.
On PC press the "start" key + R, and open the RUN menu. (you could also click start and type in "run" and press enter) Once you see the run window open, type in " %appdata% ". Once there you will see your .minecraft forlder.
On MAC, you will need to go to your desktop, and click the desktop to ensure the finder application is selected in the top left corner next to the Apple sign. Once your finder is selected, press and hold: ⇧+⌘+G (Shift + Command + G) until a menu appears saying: Go to Folder.
In the menu, paste in this: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Once there, you should see a mods folder. This means forge installed and was ran correctly. Now that you are in the .minecraft folder, put the Mods and Flan folders (from the downloaded file [Space Wars Pack]) inside the .minecraft folder. It will ask if you want to replace the mods folder already existing inside the .minecraft directory, select yes to overwrite it.

Step 3:
Once you have installed forge, and moved the Mods, and Flan folders inside your .minecraft directory, all the required mods are installed! You can now run minecraft (making sure the forge is selected) and once up and running, it should say in the bottom right corner of the main menu that there are 14 mods installed.

Step 4: Joining
To join the server, go to multiplayer -> add server. In the server name you can call it what you'd like ~remember it's a forge server ~, and in the server IP type in:

Once that is done you can join and begin your journey to space!