Early Access Offer

Early Access Offer
Created by Crow.

As part of the GameScape Team, I would like to introduce our Garry's Mod servers' Early Access Offer. This limited offer provides access to donator jobs, a range of $100,000 to $1,000,000 (relating to the cash in the server), and more. This offer is not a microtransaction, or a virtual item purchased with real money. This offer is completely free. Before accessing the Early Access Offer, you must be on the GameScape DarkRP War server for at least five hours, and the GameScape DarkRP server for five hours. Connection information and password will be displayed at the bottom of this thread. Repeating my statement, the Early Access Offer is limited. It will expire once the GameScape War server is no longer in early access.

To add on, the Early Access Offer will also last a lifetime (unless if you are given a ban or permanent ban). The donator jobs are still being added and tested in both GameScape Garry's Mod servers. Our goal as GameScape is to satisfy our players and be provided with endless opportunities in our servers. Act fast! Game on, GameScape!

Connection Info
The connection info for our Garry's Mod servers.

This list provides the connection info to our Garry's Mod servers. If you would like to join them, then copy and paste the quoted text into your client console.

GSN | War | Early Access | - "connect play.gsnetwork.net:27025; password GSNEA152"

GSN | New | Need Staff | Drugs | Bitminers | - "connect play.gsnetwork.net:27015"

Expires on 12/31/19.