DarkRP Server Officially Open!

Game Scape Network's DarkRP Server is Back!

I am proud to say that after the many hours put into the server, we are proud to announce that the GameScape Garrys Mod DarkRP Server is now open and ready to play to all users and staff! Please join us as we bring back our beloved server and welcome our community back for hours of fun. Connection info will be posted below. Be sure to check out our collection as some things have changed. Returning admin please contact myself, crow, or letshavefood, to re-instate your rank upon joining, as the new server has reset all staff to users. With that being said, please enjoy the server. Post your suggestions, application, or any bugs you find to our fourms as we do review them regularly. Thanks again to al our staff and users for being so pacient in this daunting process. Special thanks to Crow and Chase for putting in time to make this happen again!

Connection Info:

You may connect to the server by holding your "~" key to open gmod consol and pasting in this:

connect play.gsnetwork.net

You may also find it by searching in the DarkRP gammode in the mutiplayer menu for: GSN

Be sure to add the server to your favourites to never have trouble joining again.
Our Steam Workshop collection is located HERE to subscribe to before joining to make it easier and faster!
(Steam Workshop :: Gamescape DarkRP)

Please note!
When joining you may see script errors! This is because of a minor detail we are fixing, however it WILL NOT have any affect on your gameplay or the server itself!


So glad it's back! Can't wait to see what has been added to it! (Sadly I will be able to play in the summer.)