Long Answers:

Why should we trust you?
You should trust me because i have lots of experience from other servers including Revolution RP which slowly began to die. I have a lot of experience with situations and in the admin/staff manager role. I have 1000 hours in Gmod so i know quite a bit about the game and have played on many servers. I have dealt with most problems that many people have encountered in DarkRP. In addition to this when i first joined this server i helped blacklist many of the big and abusable props that mingers/trollers can spawn ( I have found a few more to blacklist as well). Overall i think i am pretty trustworthy for this role as i care about the server and have previous experience in the administrator roll.

What can the players and staff benefit from you?
Players and staff can benefit from my kind/caring manor and i can act fast on problems that occur on the server. I can also teach new players some new tricks for building, making money and much more for making their experience of DarkRP more enjoyable. Hopefully the players will find my generous and fair if i do admin sits with them. As for the staff i can suggest mods that could be used in the server to make a bigger variety of things to do in the server and i can help the staff members in a sit if they are having problems with the situation at hand. The players can also benefit from my creativity. If we are going to make server events i could help in creating and preparing them for the amusment of the players. (Doing this could increase the player count on the server and could make it healthy.) Overall i think the players and staff could benefit from me because of my friendly and generous nature as a staff member.

What is metagaming; Why is Metagaming not tolerated?
Metagaming is when 2 or more people have a fight and a police man/swat/law enforcement look at the kill feed to check who it was and then would find them and arrest them. For example if you finish raiding a base and you killed the owner and a swat member arrests you from going to a gun store if he hasn't seen you commiting the crime then that is Metagaming. This totally ruins RP for players and shall not be tolerated because it breaks the immersion of real law enforcement. If you kill someone in real life and no one knows about it then the police shouldn't know about it. (Sorry if thats confusing)

How would you handle NLR for a first time offender?
If there was a first time offender for NLR i would first say to them what NLR stands for and means. So i would say : "NLR means New Life Rule. What it basically means is that if you die in a raid/mugging or any of the other crimes and you come back to kill the person then that is breaking the New Life Rule. So you forget everything about what happened before you died." and i would give them a verbal warning because they are new and dont understand the term but if they commited the offense again then i would give them a logged warning.

Short Answers:

RDA should be treated similar to RDM.
True. It is still bad if not worse than RDM as you have to wait a long timer for a crime you haven't commited which could make the player unhappy.

The mayor can initiate a lockdown at any time for no reason.
False. In my opinion the mayor has to have a reason for a lockdown such as a terrorist on the loose or something like that.
Do you have a microphone?
Yes i have a microphone on my headset
Gut feelings over logic?
Logic over gut feelings. You cant just warn someone of RDM if you have a gut feeling they commited it. You need evidence for it.
You discover a staff member raiding while invisible. You then...
Confront the staff member.

A player lies to you while in an admin sit. You deal with this by...
Option 2.) Jail the player based on the amount of lies they told.

Final Questions and Review:

Do you have any current staff members or admin to represent you? If yes, list them.
Not at the moment because i have lost contact with the admins that i used to be close with.

Have you had any prior experience as an admin on a gmod server? If yes explain, and list the server(s) along with 2 steam users who can verify.
I do have experience in Revolution RP but have since lost contact with the steam users as this was about a year ago

Any additional information we should know about you?
Im 14 if that makes any difference and i live in the UK. Im on mostly all day if i dont have school and i have a discord if you wish to talk to me on there. Im also a drummer if you would like to know :p


Staff member
DarkRP Owner
I'd say that this is a really good application, your grammar is good and so is your personality. You did miss one question though. In the question, "You discover a staff member raiding while invisible. You then..." your answer was "Confront the staff member" (Option 1). The thing is, you need to report the staff member to an admin and this will lead to the Co Owner and/or Owner and they will take care of the situation. Your rating judged by me is 8.4/10. The average score is 8.0/10. You had passed this applicaton, but three more administrators need to read this too. But you are doing great!
- Owner of GS Network Garry's Mod DarkRP Server