6 Hours

Why should we trust you?
Why should you trust me Because when i do something bad i regret like greifing as a admin i would regret doing it and i hate it when i regret stuff and im a calm person i wouldnt greif what would i gain i would gain nothing from it but regret and i am a good person i dont want to F### up a server thats just mean epescily doing it to something that someone used money to make its like you wouldnt burn down any one of the games you didnt like
you would sell it or give it away or just not play it

What can the players and staff benefit from you?
what can you benefit from me being admin as you know your a little understaffed because there was massive amounts of people joining and ive played there are trolls minges i was saying it in chat no one came for like 10 mins and cosole doesent do anything and i want to make GS NETWORK GREAT AGAIN from all the trolls and Failrps so that the server becomes as great as ever and i dont like to see minges and trolls everywhere so i wanna help the server ban the trolls and minges of the server so they learn there leason i wanna put all those not tamed dogs on a lease or execute them so they dont disturbe the good sever (that was a metefore) and i really wanna get bullys and people who call people gay and faggots (i RDMed one of em) i am not a RAGER i am a calm person so i would be able to talk to a squeker and RAGERS
What is metagaming; Why is Metagaming not tolerated?
so as in real life you dont know what a person just did if you dont se them with metagaming you could say for ecxample * civilian: ay dude Officer: yea what Civilian: like john killed me a second ago mate* how does he know john killed him hes talking thats metagaming where you go out of Roleplay in real life anyone who would say that would be ignored how are they saying someone killed them they are alive and this is a server on GMOD that means you die you respawn and you could see someone with a printer they kill you and you say to the police they have a printer thats metagaming and this is a RP server you want it to be as realistic as posible
How would you handle NLR for a first time offender?
i would nicely ask them to leave the area if they dont i would move them if they go back again and again i would kick them for breaking NLR

Short Answers:
Answer these questions true or false, yes or no, or with a short statement of your own. These answers should not be more than one sentence.

RDA should be treated similar to RDM.
True RDA is when you random arrest someone that means you lose you illegal possecions and you have to wait 2 minutes with RDM you lose your illegal possecions and respawn

The mayor can initiate a lockdown at any time for no reason.
False i think the mayor would need a reason like raiding a wanted persons base so nobody is on the streets and disturbe the officers
Do you have a microphone?
Yes i do i have a good microphone

Gut feelings over logic?
i always chose logic i judge anime sometimes cuse they do things that arent logical like a gun holds 50 bullets person shoots what looks like 100-150 bullets and never reloads i always choose logic
You discover a staff member raiding while invisible. You then...
Option 1.) Confront the staff member.
Option 2.) Report the staff member.
Option 3.) Call staff member to an admin sit and punish them accordingly.
Option 1.
A player lies to you while in an admin sit. You deal with this by...
Option 1.) Disregard the lie and let it go.
Option 2.) Jail the player based on the amount of lies they told.
Option 3.) Slay the person for lying in an admin sit
Option 2.
Final Questions and Review:

Do you have any current staff members or admin to represent you? If yes, list them.
Have you had any prior experience as an admin on a gmod server? If yes explain, and list the server(s) along with 2 steam users who can verify.
i havent ever been a admin i dont lie

Any additional information we should know about you?
tho i am a 10 yearold kid and sometimes in school time it could be No Computer for so much time and i 4 warns 2-3 were on accident i would say 1 was deffently on purpose he called me a Gay and Faggot i RDMed him (XD)


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To be honest, the application was difficult to understand, which means it needs improvements. Based on grammar and punctuation, the rating from me is 1.5/10. The rating is also judged by warns, kicks and bans you get on the GS Network Garry's Mod Server. The average score is 8.0/10. So, you did not pass the application. But you can try again if you are capable to act more mature.
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