Basic Information

C. Hartwig



Long Answers:

Why should we trust you?
Becuase I own My own community and I love helping out people in a server. I am a trusting person and love to help out. I wish to become a admin and help this communnity grow larger as a group and help make this server better and help get people who dont roleplay and fuck around off of garrys mod so the real people can have fun on the server.

What can the players and staff benefit from you?
They can ask me questions about communitys and ask me to help them deal with somone also the players can ask me for help or ask to havr somone warned or banned for not complying with the rules. I can also help out with making people happy and giving them stuff if I can trust them to be able to have certian things.
What is metagaming; Why is Metagaming not tolerated?
Metagaming is when somone transfers rp data to non rp data usally known as OOC aginst the server rules.Because somone can use it aginst staff and pottentily hurt or get offended by it or get mad or upset and could possibly get somone kicked or banned from the rp server.

How would you handle NLR for a first time offender?
I would explain to them what it is and tell them not to do it again and warn them for NLR breaking which is new life rule.

Short Answers:
Answer these questions true or false, yes or no, or with a short statement of your own. These answers should not be more than one sentence.

RDA should be treated similar to RDM.
The mayor can initiate a lockdown at any time for no reason.
Do you have a microphone?
Gut feelings over logic?
You discover a staff member raiding while invisible. You then...

Option 1.) Confront the staff member.
Option 2.) Report the staff member.
Option 3.) Call staff member to an admin sit and punish them accordingly.
Option 2
A player lies to you while in an admin sit. You deal with this by...
Option 1.) Disregard the lie and let it go.
Option 2.) Jail the player based on the amount of lies they told.
Option 3.) Slay the person for lying in an admin sit
Option 2
Final Questions and Review:

Do you have any current staff members or admin to represent you? If yes, list them.
Have you had any prior experience as an admin on a gmod server? If yes explain, and list the server(s) along with 2 steam users who can verify.
Yes Fusion networks

Any additional information we should know about you?


Staff member
DarkRP Owner
I like your application, but it lacks some grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Just so you know, we are not mostly jugding your score by grammar, we are judging by your perfomance. Overall, your score is a 4.9/10. Your score has been judged by how much warns, kicks, and bans you have. You appear to have 5 warns. Each warn is 0.5 points taken off your score, so the total points lost from warns is 2.5. You can improve by helping our staff members resolve a big admin sit or adding some suggestions, which are cool ideas for upcoming server restarts. Overall, your score without warns was a 7.4/10. You can achieve staff. You can, and you will.
- Owner of GS Network Garry's Mod DarkRP Server