Admin Application - Jakers79

Basic Information




<2 Hours>




Long Answers:

Why should we trust you?
<If been admin on other servers and i have my own server but i no longer play on it and i have experience of being and owner or superadmin.>

What can the players and staff benefit from you?
<Uhmm... I can help the player and admins in admin sits.>

What is metagaming; Why is metagaming not tolerated?
<"Metagaming" Is when one transfers RP data to Non Role-play data, usually via "OOC" It is usually against server rules and is a bannable offence. >

How would you handle NLR for a first time offender on our server?
<Tell them wait 5 mins beacuse you are breaking nlr and dont get near where you died.>

Short Answers:
Answer these questions true or false, yes or no, or with a short statement of your own. These answers should not be more than one sentence.

RDA should be treated similar to RDM.

The mayor can initiate a lockdown at any time for no reason.

Do you have a microphone?

Gut feelings over logic?

What is the cooldown time for a Terrorist Attack?
<15 minutes>

If there is no Mayor, can a police officer arrest a person who has an legal weapon in their inventory (not equipped)?

You discover a higher ranking staff member raiding while invisible/godded. You then...
Option 1.) Confront the staff member.
Option 2.) Report the staff member.
Option 3.) Call staff member to an admin sit and punish them accordingly.
<Option 2.) Report the staff member>

A player lies to you while in an admin sit. You deal with this by...
Option 1.) Disregard the lie and let it go.
Option 2.) Jail the player based on the amount of lies they told.
Option 3.) Slay the person for lying in an admin sit.
<Option 2.) Jail the player based on the amount of lies they told.>

Final Questions and Review:

Do you have any current staff members or admin to represent you? If yes, list them.

Have you had any prior experience as an admin on a gmod server? If yes explain, and list the server(s) along with 2 steam users who can verify.
<JakersDarkRp- YaBoiJay, Kirby Is Autistic>

Do you have any friends that have or had played on this server? If yes, list them.

Any additional information we should know about you?


Staff member
DarkRP Owner
-1 The application is good, but there are some changes that are required. To be completely honest, the "Long Questions" portion of the application looks like you didn't even try to create an answer. We require a strong, formal, and explanatory detail from your response to those "Long Questions" portion of the application. Minimum time on our server to create a staff application is fifteen hours I believe, so you would have to wait that long in order to create a staff application.

- GameScape Website Administrator and DarkRP Owner