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About Suggestionsv1.4
This thread is about how to follow rules when creating a suggestion in this Forum!

Suggestions are the number one choice of helping servers grow! Suggestions can also change the way we play DarkRP!

Before posting your own suggestion(s), there are some rules to follow. So be sure to ahere to these rules in order to avoid breaking one. Some of these rules may be familiar to the Website Rules for this website.

The following rules are listed below:
  1. Do not post threads that are irrelevant to this Forum.
  2. Do not post threads that involves highly explicit content!
  3. Please construct threads with proper grammar and neatness.
  4. You will be warned by the number of rules you have broken.
  5. Please add the URL of the addon in your suggestion(s) thread.
  6. Do not spam your threads.
And that is all. Please contact the website Administrators if there is a glitch, bug, or an mistake made in this Forum in the Reports and Issues.
Not open for further replies.