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News of 9/28/18

Welcome to The News. This new forum was created the day this thread was created. You may read important updates, changes, and important events occurring in our DarkRP server. Here is today's news.

We temporarily removed the Rainbow Physgun addon due to an issue with other players having access to the Rainbow Physgun even though it is accessible to only server Administrators to Owner.

We are currently debating on if the Orbital Strike weapon should still exist in weapons by the Black Market Dealer or if it should not exist anymore. The weapon is extremely expensive and is a very powerful weapon that can launch an orbital strike in it's path, creating destruction and the death of some players.

The event, "GS Network DarkRP: The End of The World" has expired and can no longer receive the rewards that were included in the event. However, a new event has risen, and it is called, "GSN DarkRP: Men at Work". A group of construction workers are creating some amazing and outstanding areas located at the spawn area. But, where did they come from? Why did they build these magnificent areas? What are they going to do next?

Owner-created events are no longer available.

That is all the news for September 28, 2018. Please enjoy the server and we hope that you have a wonderful time at GameScape.