[9/22/18] DarkRP Server Announcement

Welcome to the GameScape DarkRP Server!

Start by visiting our workshop collection with all of our up to date addons!

Message of the Day:
The DarkRP server in Garry's Mod is up and running! It is now public so that everyone can enjoy the fun! However, there are some changes that would affect our roleplay server. Changes such as improving government, raising time in jail, and many more. We are currently adding addons back to the server and we are very sorry that it took a while to update the server again. We will be more cautious whenever we add any addons, jobs, etc. Just so you know, there are still huge and massive bugs that still exist since we made the server public very early. For example, guns can be bought no matter what job you are but not shipments. We are trying to investigate and resolve these bugs and glitches. If you buy guns and you are not the right job, you will immediately receive a warning. Monthly events are back in a new event called, "GSN DarkRP: Men at Work". Clues are being investigated at spawn. You are not permitted to exploit these bugs and harsh punishments will be given if you use them. You may join the server via Garry's Mod. Some spooky jobs are probably coming to roleplay...