[7/25/18] DarkRP Server Announcement

Welcome to The GameScape DarkRP Server!

Start by visiting our workshop collection with all of our up to date addons!

Message of the Day:

To all our Gmod users and staff:

Because of recent claims that have been brought to my attention and posted on the reports; I realize the staff we currently have are mistreating some users, and the server. Abuse has gone far out of my control, Maybe partially allowed or promoted by myself or other higher ups, but no more.

In conclusion I will be monitoring all staff members and their behavior with interest to their role and position as my staff. It occurs to me that some of the staff may bring about a better player economy, but to me, it's more important to have less players and a good staff, than more players and total anarchy. Some staff members who i find are abusing or misusing their powers will be demoted. Should they leave because of their demotion proves they are entitled and not fit for this server. I am personally fed up with complaints. I expect the highest standards from my staff, no matter who is online. Plain and simple.

I do apologize to any staff members and especially users who have seen this behavior take place with no consequences for actions. But rest assured, I will be making sure this does not happen, and will not continue to happen under my watch.

Unvanta, Server Owner


Criticism of staff members should be accepted as long as it's not slander or hate speech. It's a really good initiative to start with, consider cleaning up the staff on duty jobs and limiting it to based on how many people are on the server.