[6/8/19] The News


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News of 6/8/19

Welcome to GameScape DarkRP! Here is today's news:

We have recently added and changed most of the entities and jobs. The entities and jobs were either improved or impaired in stats or even removed. The following contains a list of changed entities and jobs.
  • Added The Bank along with the Banker and the Bank Security
  • The Bank contains a vault with money, and there are certain jobs that allow players to rob the bank
  • Added the Vaper job (available for Member and up)
  • Added the Explosives dealer
  • Elite Thief slots increased
  • Terrorist slots increased
  • Hobo slots increased
  • Guard slots decreased
  • Doctor slots increased
  • Gun Dealer slots increased
  • Drug Dealer slots increased
  • Resistance slots increased
  • Thief slots increased
  • Police slots increased
  • SWAT slots increased
  • SWAT Medic slots increased
  • Secret Service slots increased
  • Added Armor in Entities
  • Bitminers heavily nerfed and decreased in price
  • Donator now has access to "ulx votegag", "ulx votekick", "ulx votemute"
  • Added Vehicles
That is all the changes applied to our DarkRP server. We hope you have a wonderful time at GameScape.