[4/14/19] The News

GameScape DarkRP News
News of 4/14/19

Welcome to GameScape DarkRP! Here is today's news:

We have been working on the DarkRP server currently and it is almost done for release to the players. We will notify more about this update. Also, our new DarkRP server will have a new map, and more new things will arrive as time progresses. There are some important items that cannot be added to the server, and once those are cleared of the list we will be able to publicly release our server (server will get publicly released at S-BETA 1.0, or SERVER-BETA 1.0). Some suggestions are game-breaking and can result in exploits, so here is an updated list of what you should not suggest as an addon or item(s) to the server:
  • A "Sit Anywhere Script"
  • "ulx vote" commands
  • Extremely fast and/or massive vehicles
  • Rope, wield, winch, and other constraining tools
  • Advanced Duplicator 1 & 2
Some addons may exist, but it is strictly for the owners to test and create areas around the map. If you have any questions please contact us or our server staff members. Thank you for reading this message.