[12/1/18] The News

GameScape DarkRP News
News of 12/1/18

Welcome to the GameScape DarkRP News!
As of today, GameScape DarkRP has improved to represent users and our wonderful staff team! We, the GameScape Owners, have manipulated some items and changed some things to have a amazing time in our servers. The following contains items that were changed:

  • Punishment is the top priority of removing rule-breakers in GameScape. Due to many advantages of staff members not available in the server, the actions you perform are now strictly recorded in the logs.
  • Punishments are strict. If there is a simple rule broken, a warn and kick will be distributed. However, if the punishment is severe, the player must accept a full ban. A "full ban" bans you from all of our GameScape servers permanently! Some actions may be changed and decided by other staff members.
  • Owners are and always allowed to do any kind of punishment they choose!
  • Any cheater in our server(s) will result in a "full ban".
  • RDA and RDM is unacceptable. Therefore, a thirty-minute ban is added immediately. A thirty-minute ban is the maximum for one RDM/RDA. If there is more than one RDM/RDA performed, the time will be multiplied by five each RDM/RDA is acted. (ex. 30 X 5 = 150 minutes/2hrs 30 minutes)

And that is all! You may ask questions or concerns regarding the news of December 1, 2018.