[10/26/18] The News


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News of 10/26/18

Welcome to the GameScape DarkRP News of October 26, 2018. We are sorry to say that the event, "GSN DarkRP: Men at Work" has ended and Monthly Events are discontinued due to low daily server population.

We manipulated some items and changed some jobs.

We removed the items from the recent event. Doors in the Spawn Area are now classified as "Unknown Residency".

The Orbital Strike weapon in the next server restart will be disabled or removed due to major lag issues and the high damage, power, and radius of the explosive. We do not know if the item will be revisited.

New items available for purchase in the GameScape DarkRP donation website. The GameScape DarkRP donation processing may not be functional, and we are still developing the server commands to fix this problem.

That is all we have today folks, see you soon in GameScape DarkRP!