[1/2/19] The News

GameScape DarkRP News
News of 1/2/19

Welcome to GameScape DarkRP. We hope you had a happy New Year! GameScape has been improving and maintaining some items, and we would like to present them to you!

The following list contains updates to our DarkRP Server:
  • Added a new addon for our staff members for immediate admin calls from players.
  • Replaced the old Job list UI (F4 Menu) with a more suitable UI.
  • Added The Casino, located at the Spawn Area.
  • Added Slot Machines in The Casino.
  • Improved Spawn Area.
  • Added The Purge (The Purge is currently disabled due to lack of server population).
  • Joining our Steam Group will now give you rewards!
  • Replaced the default HUD with a improved one!
  • Added and fixed jobs.
  • New job category, "Custom Jobs." Donate and request your very own job (read the thread, "About Donations" for more information).
And that is all. We hope you enjoyed our server.