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  1. unvanta

    Important Server Update

    Attention to all Gs Network gmod/DarkRP players and staff. Due to changes in server management, hosting, and recent problems with security, the DarkRP server will be shutting down effective January 25th until further notice. We will be revisiting the server from another platform in which the...
  2. unvanta

    [10/26/18] The News

  3. unvanta

    IMPORTANT! Global Gmod Staff Update!!!

    Attention to all gmod staff. Crow may have mentioned to you about staff testing for promotions. If he hasn't, a further thread will be updated with more elaboration, however i will mention that staff will now be required to fill out an application for promition after the rank admin. These...
  4. unvanta

    [7/25/18] Changes and Updates

    Workshop Collection Link: Last Update: July 25th 2018: Removed Outfitter Addon - Causing crashes and time outs and multiple problems for the server. Might revisit this addon at a later date. Added Sith and Jedi jobs - for...
  5. unvanta

    [7/25/18] DarkRP Server Announcement

    Welcome to The GameScape DarkRP Server! Start by visiting our workshop collection with all of our up to date addons! Message of the Day: To all our Gmod users and staff: Because of recent claims that have been brought to my...
  6. unvanta

    Staff Members

    DarkRP Staff Membersv2.7 These are people who support, monitor, and protect our DarkRP Server! This is the server staff members page. In this page, the server owners update and post the names of the staff members who support our DarkRP server! Some names, however, will be replaced if they...
  7. unvanta

    How to Install Forge and Join!

    Note: If you install forge, you can still use Vanilla minecraft to play on other servers, and select your forge to play on this server freely! However, you MUST install these specific forge versions in order for everything to be compatable, both with client and server! Before you start: Click...
  8. unvanta

    How to Apply!

    Copy the admin application from the ~~~ down, and paste it as a new post/thread INSIDE the "Staff Applications" (Where you found this thread). When filling it out and answering questions, Paste over the brackets ( <> ) with your answers. Before starting this application, READ THE RULES! There...
  9. unvanta

    Server Rules

    General Server Rulesv5.0 🚫Do not break these rules🚫 1.) Do not RDM, Random Death Match. Unless you are in a war, then only kill those involved! 2.) There is no NLR. Meaning you may return to where you died, and if you are being raided, You may counter-raid. (Do /advert Counter) 3.) Failing to...
  10. unvanta

    Staff Guidelines and Regulations

    Staff Guidelines and Regulations v4.3 All staff should refer to the following guidelines when practicing and enforcing their powers. Each category will have a brief description and summary that may be read. For more specific instruction you may read past the summary to the bulleted scenarios...