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    Change Log 06/10/2019

    We always love having new things in our DarkRP Server!
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    [6/8/19] The News

    GameScape DarkRP News News of 6/8/19 Welcome to GameScape DarkRP! Here is today's news: We have recently added and changed most of the entities and jobs. The entities and jobs were either improved or impaired in stats or even removed. The following contains a list of changed entities and...
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    Early Access Offer

    Early Access Offer Created by Crow. As part of the GameScape Team, I would like to introduce our Garry's Mod servers' Early Access Offer. This limited offer provides access to donator jobs, a range of $100,000 to $1,000,000 (relating to the cash in the server), and more. This offer is not a...
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    New Server Early Access War Event.

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    Staff Application

    Didn't meet the requirements due to time.
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    Slayix's Resume

    Arch Dornan has already approved the application, so you are already Admin.
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    motomoto's Staff Application

    According to logs there isn't a person even named that specific name. Please speak the truth.
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    motomoto's Staff Application

    If it is true, then prove it.
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    motomoto's Staff Application

    And this sentence concerns me.
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    motomoto's Staff Application

    How would we know that you played on another account?
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    Staff app

    +0. You didn't play for 15 hours. Some questions were incorrectly stated. But I really don't know whether to give a +1 or a -1. As a result, I gave you +0 (Positive or negative 0).
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    DarkRP Server Officially Open!

    @Random All I got to say is "oof."
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    Scribby's Staff Application

    Well thorough application. Sufficient sentencing and really expressed your personality. +1 - Crow
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    [4/14/19] The News

    GameScape DarkRP News News of 4/14/19 Welcome to GameScape DarkRP! Here is today's news: We have been working on the DarkRP server currently and it is almost done for release to the players. We will notify more about this update. Also, our new DarkRP server will have a new map, and more...
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    Just Waitin...

    I will test to see if the TCAdmin application is functional.