The Server Reestablishment

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The GameScape DarkRP Server Reestablishment
You must be eagerly waiting for our server to, once again, reopen.

We're assuming you are expecting something from us; well now you finally are!
The GameScape DarkRP server, the mysterious lonely server that has been shut down for months, will be reestablished very soon. As far as I heard from my fellow administrators, we will begin setting up the servers and connecting to another contemporary control panel. I have not been given an exact date of the server making a reappearance, but I will attempt to approximate this at the bottom of the Server Reestablishment Status. Below is a list consisting of items required to approve the server for the public:

Server Reestablishment Status

Forums - Operational...​

New Server Early Access War Event.

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War Server Early Access Now Open From 6pm to 11pm Seattle time!

Addon Collection to subscribe to:
Steam Workshop :: GS War-RP

How to Connect:
1. Subscribe to our collection listed above, then restart gmod.
2. Once on the main menu, open your consol and paste/type this in:
connect; password GSNEA152
3. Press Enter to join!

Alternetivly you may search for the server in the DarkRP multiplayer server list. The Server name is: GS | WAR
The map can be searched as: GM_UBaseV4


Player who join are still subject to follow a small set of rules, such as:
No Same Team PVP.
and Admin discretion.


Subscribe to our collection:
Steam Workshop :: GS War-RP

If you have purchased Half Life 2 Episode 2 (HL2E2) on steam, We...

[7/25/18] DarkRP Server Announcement

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Welcome to The GameScape DarkRP Server!

Start by visiting our workshop collection with all of our up to date addons!

Message of the Day:

To all our Gmod users and staff:

Because of recent claims that have been brought to my attention and posted on the reports; I realize the staff we currently have are mistreating some users, and the server. Abuse has gone far out of my control, Maybe partially allowed or promoted by myself or other higher ups, but no more.

In conclusion I will be monitoring all staff members and their behavior with interest to their role and position as my staff. It occurs to me that some of the staff may bring...


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Hello everyone, welcome to GameScape!

This is our place to discuss and do all things GameScape! If you haven't already, go ahead and register with the website! I also want to welcome the DarkRP server that Unvanta and Crow run! As the weeks progress, more and more updates will occur to the website such as design and colors and formatting. Our donation page is still under the works but should be working soon! For our vote page, that is also under the works and I will be getting on top of that for the Minecraft servers. Other than the simple introduction as many of you are already within our Discord group, I have some news to put on here for reference pertaining to the Minecraft servers.

Factions is whitelisted until July 27th for preparation and reset for 1.13.
Kingdoms is also whitelisted until further notice for setup.

Hardcore is available along with all the Private Servers. If you are interested in a private server with your friends. Let me know! Private Servers hosted by...

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