Early Access Offer

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Early Access Offer
Created by Crow.

As part of the GameScape Team, I would like to introduce our Garry's Mod servers' Early Access Offer. This limited offer provides access to donator jobs, a range of $100,000 to $1,000,000 (relating to the cash in the server), and more. This offer is not a microtransaction, or a virtual item purchased with real money. This offer is completely free. Before accessing the Early Access Offer, you must be on the GameScape DarkRP War server for at least five hours, and the GameScape DarkRP server for five hours. Connection information and password will be displayed at the bottom of this thread. Repeating my statement, the Early Access Offer is limited. It will expire once the GameScape War server is no longer in early access.

To add on, the Early Access Offer will also last a lifetime (unless if you are given a ban or permanent ban). The...

New Server Early Access War Event.

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War Server Early Access Now Open From 6pm to 11pm Seattle time!

Addon Collection to subscribe to:
Steam Workshop :: GS War-RP

How to Connect:
1. Subscribe to our collection listed above, then restart gmod.
2. Once on the main menu, open your consol and paste/type this in:
connect play.gsnetwork.net:27025; password GSNEA152
3. Press Enter to join!

Alternetivly you may search for the server in the DarkRP multiplayer server list. The Server name is: GS | WAR
The map can be searched as: GM_UBaseV4


Player who join are still subject to follow a small set of rules, such as:
No Same Team PVP.
and Admin discretion.


Subscribe to our collection:
Steam Workshop :: GS War-RP

If you have purchased Half Life 2 Episode 2 (HL2E2) on steam, We...

DarkRP Server Officially Open!

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Game Scape Network's DarkRP Server is Back!

I am proud to say that after the many hours put into the server, we are proud to announce that the GameScape Garrys Mod DarkRP Server is now open and ready to play to all users and staff! Please join us as we bring back our beloved server and welcome our community back for hours of fun. Connection info will be posted below. Be sure to check out our collection as some things have changed. Returning admin please contact myself, crow, or letshavefood, to re-instate your rank upon joining, as the new server has reset all staff to users. With that being said, please enjoy the server. Post your suggestions, application, or any bugs you find to our fourms as we do review them regularly. Thanks again to al our staff and users for being so pacient in this daunting process. Special thanks to Crow and Chase for putting in time to make this happen again!


[4/14/19] The News

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GameScape DarkRP News
News of 4/14/19

Welcome to GameScape DarkRP! Here is today's news:

We have been working on the DarkRP server currently and it is almost done for release to the players. We will notify more about this update. Also, our new DarkRP server will have a new map, and more new things will arrive as time progresses. There are some important items that cannot be added to the server, and once those are cleared of the list we will be able to publicly release our server (server will get publicly released at S-BETA 1.0, or SERVER-BETA 1.0). Some suggestions are game-breaking and can result in exploits, so here is an updated list of what you should not suggest as an addon or item(s) to the server:
  • A "Sit Anywhere Script"
  • "ulx vote" commands
  • Extremely fast and/or massive vehicles
  • Rope, wield, winch, and other...

[1/2/19] The News

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GameScape DarkRP News
News of 1/2/19

Welcome to GameScape DarkRP. We hope you had a happy New Year! GameScape has been improving and maintaining some items, and we would like to present them to you!

The following list contains updates to our DarkRP Server:
  • Added a new addon for our staff members for immediate admin calls from players.
  • Replaced the old Job list UI (F4 Menu) with a more suitable UI.
  • Added The Casino, located at the Spawn Area.
  • Added Slot Machines in The Casino.
  • Improved Spawn Area.
  • Added The Purge (The Purge is currently disabled due to lack of server population).
  • Joining our Steam Group will now give you rewards!
  • Replaced the default HUD with a improved one!
  • Added and fixed jobs.
  • New job category, "Custom Jobs." Donate and request your very own job (read the thread, "About...

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